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“In one session, Dr. Lynn removed blocks I had been struggling with nearly my whole life.  Dr. Lynn is truly a channel of divine wisdom and feminine power.”

Regina Getz, Google Scientist


“Heaven's kiss of inspiration is upon Jessie Lynn. And it will spread to all those who seek to discover their authentic self and calling in life."

Micheal Bernard Beckwith, Agape 


“Dr. Lynn’s Career Discovery process will elevate anyone’s business strategy designed to scale your revenue stream generation potential with precision and accuracy.”

19Keys - Our Culture’s Youngest Global Thought Leader 


“Dr. Lynn’s knowledge and experience are valuable assets to her community.”

Star Jones, Celebrity Entertainer 


Try Smai Tawi to revitalize life Energy 

While yoga varies in its approach, this particular pose sequence is called Smai Tawi. It is the most ancient form of yoga available to us and is inscribed in the hieroglyphic text (made visible inside the Egyptian Pyramid walls) and is accessible for review on Shabaka Stone and in the sacred papyri. This sequence is the fastest way to restore the body’s energy.



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Press Release: First Book Complete!

June 26, 2019


Dr. Lynn Honored as Influencer of the Year

May 1, 2018

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Meet Dr. Jessie Lynn

July 24, 2018


International Association Press Release

May 1, 2018

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Indigenous Relationship & Support 

Hello. My name is Dr. Jessie Lynn. I am a founding owner and life partner at Life Healing. My lineage is Egyptian and Aztec. I have north of 30 years in the humanitarian field starting age 10. It has always been my mission to care for those around me. I share in the same sentiment with each and every doctor who aspires to create healing solutions for patients. In my realm I focus my efforts on regenerative healing incorporating Anatomy, Physics, and Molecular Biology to heal anyone’s Physiological state and welcome the task of any health challenge. Leave your email below and reach out to for health guidance, support, treatments and requests.  Please expect a 48 turn around on requests.  

Regarding my professional and educational  track record: I have a PhD in progress in Physics and hoping to transfer programs to Integrative Medicine for a 2nd PhD at Yale. 

My focus is to hand hold each case with distinct care and attention calling attention to the needs and stretch goals aiming for cures. My work is at the intersection of Anatomy, Physics, and Molecular Biology. I am curious to progress my studies by applied Physics relative to Alchemy to heal anything across all spectrums of needs to include all Global borders. Let’s work together to make healing accessible. To volunteer alongside me, subscribe to and leave your token of appreciation for my contribution to Medicine at $DrJessieLynn on Cash App. Organizational EIN # 84-4895486 for tax purposes only.

Many thanks to all Life Healing partners and volunteers for contributing to the advancement of modern medicine. Together, we do great things.

With joy, with great love, and infinite blessings.

Dr. Lynn 

Licensed Physicist in Molecular Biology 

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Pintalji People focus on our Cosmogony as a Global Society & we focus on the Physiological Needs of each individual. 

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